Building, supporting, and cultivating opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities of color through cultural arts and activism.


Community Driven

Indigenous Roots began its work in 2007 from a dance and drum community circle known as Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli.  This community circle continues to share traditional Mexica Nahua dance, drum and song. Through the years, Indigenous Roots has evolved to meet the growing need to reconnect with ancestral knowledge systems. Additional classes such as song, instrument, language, and philosophy were created to meet the requests of community members.


Sergio Cenoch & Mary Anne Quiroz

Co-Founders | Co-Directors

Together with their four children, Sergio Cenoch and Mary Anne Quiroz, have been practicing and promoting traditional Mexica Nahua culture for over two decades.

Sergio Cenoch Quiroz was born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico and immigrated to the United States in 1989. Rooted in his cultural identity, Sergio Cenoch began organizing cultural events in high school, highlighting Mexican indigenous festivities such as Dia de los Muertos. His passion for arts and culture merged with dance at Johnson High School, where Sergio Cenoch co-organized a Mexican folkloric and Mexica Aztec dance group. Today, Sergio Cenoch teaches and shares the ancestral knowledge, traditions and ceremonies that has been taught to him by his elders and teachers. 

 Mary Anne Quiroz was born in Manila, Philippines and is passionate about arts and culture. At the age of six, Mary Anne expressed her interest for dance in ballet and Polynesian dance in various dance schools in the Philippines. Her grandmother, Lola Esther, taught her traditional Filipino dances. After immigrating to the United States in 1989, Mary Anne became involved in community  work as a youth organizer and found her passion for arts advocacy and community engagement.

Like their teachers and elders, Sergio Cenoch and Mary Anne Quiroz value the concept of duality and uphold the four virtues of a Mazehual with their family and community: Respect, Honesty, Gratitude and Service.



Our Board of Directors

isabel chanslor - chair

Isabel Chanslor is Neighborhood Development Center’s Vice President of National Programs and Special Projects. As the VP, Isabel manages the day to day operations of NDC’s National program Build from Within Alliance and the Greater Minnesota project. She also manages all new opportunities for NDC. Formerly, Isabel served as NDC’s Chief Program Officer, Business Lab Director and U7 Project Manager. U7’s (University Avenue Business Preparation Collaborative) goal was to help over 500 businesses prepare to survive and thrive before, during and after light rail construction which had a 99% success rate. Before NDC, Isabel served as a program officer of the Northwest Area Foundation and worked primarily with rural Latinos and Native Nations, covering an eight-state region. Isabel is a trained community organizer and strategic planner, and has worked nationally, statewide, and locally with primarily low-income communities of color utilizing asset-based community development philosophies and principles. Isabel is a proud mother, grandmother and US Army Veteran, having served eight years.

Hue Schlieu - Treasurer

Hue Schlieu advocates for racial and gender equity in her current role with Saint Paul Public Schools. She recently graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Master's Degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. In addition to serving as Treasurer on Indigenous Roots' Board of Directors, she also serves as a Board Director for Urban Boatbuilders.