Building, supporting, and cultivating opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities of color through cultural arts and activism.

2018 Community Report

Grounding our Roots

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Gratitude from our Co-Directors

Mary Anne and Cenoch Quiroz

It has been a year of humbling lessons and growth.We are infinitely grateful for the love, support and guidance we have received this past year as we continue to ground our roots.

We are proud to elevate our work in arts and activism as we, along with the collective members, board, staff and community partners at Indigenous Roots continue to: create accessible pathways to build generational wealth against displacement; lift up youth voice and intergenerational engagement; facilitate courageous and compassionate conversations through storytelling to process our traumas for radical healing; and of course provide culturally relevant space and opportunities.

Our community will continue to grow and blossom as we nurture our roots and build community power together. Oh! And we bought the building! Because of your contributions, we are happy and honored to celebrate another year!

- MAQ & Sergio


2018 Impact

In 2018, with our community from all four directions and our collective passion for arts and culture, we addressed the following themes :


Holding space for Conversations addressing colorism and racial equity

Artwork by Alexis Griffin   Aspects of Colorism , pop up exhibit by KAYSC Youth Research Team of the Science Museum of Minnesota

Artwork by Alexis Griffin

Aspects of Colorism, pop up exhibit by KAYSC Youth Research Team of the Science Museum of Minnesota

Building Culturally Relevant Civic and community engagement

Break Out the Vote event hosted by Indigenous Roots and Cypherside

Break Out the Vote event hosted by Indigenous Roots and Cypherside

Lifting youth voice and intergenerational engagement

Water Protector Murals of our East Side youth popping up on East 7th Street with GoodSpace Murals, Dayton's Bluff Community Council and MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota.

Water Protector Murals of our East Side youth popping up on East 7th Street with GoodSpace Murals, Dayton's Bluff Community Council and MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota.



community members and artists accessed and/or utilized Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center

As our community is in constant transformation, Indigenous Roots Cultural Center has become a central civic hub for many from all four directions. Not only has our space expanded physically this year, so has our community, our capacity to support new and established organizations, and most importantly, our hearts and ability to imagine.


organizations in need of space utilized INdigenous roots Cultural Center

This year at Indigenous Roots, we witnessed the work of our community artists, healers, activators, and agitators become more grounded in the space as they continue to lead movements for social justice.


partnerships with 7th St small businesses and organizations

In addition to buying the building as a way to resist displacement, we developed partnerships with small businesses, organizations, and the City of St Paul, to co-create a cultural corridor on 7th Street.



Arts and Cultural Events

  • In Xochitl In Kuikatl | The Flower, The Song

  • Mexica New Year Festival: Chikuaze Tochtli (6 Rabbit)

  • Game On “Old School vs New School”  

  • Indigenous Roots Night at Isla Tuliro

  • IRoots Art Crawl

  • Preview Party! Rooted at Indigenous Roots

  • Grounding Our Roots: Indigenous Roots Anniversary

  • Father’s Day World Cup Brunch

  • Mihkailhwitl | Dia De Los Muertos en Nuestro Barrio

  • Holiday Art Sale | Salon Mexico

Social Justice Events

  • Resistance Art Build: Banner and Poster Making

  • March! - No Human Being is Illegal

  • Beyond DACA! Permanent protection for all!

  • March for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

  • Lake Street Arts! Solidarity and Spring Celebration

  • Everything is a Circle

  • Break Out the Vote

  • All our Neighbors: Homelessness on the Eastside

Amazing night at Break Out the Vote! With these young people taking the reins, our country is in great hands!
— Melvin Carter, City of Saint Paul Mayor

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Art Exhibits

  • Salon Mexico Artist Series: Heder Contreras Rúiz &

  • Salon Mexico Artist Series: Ricardo Vanegas Valencia

  • Salon Mexico Artist Series: Colina, Ibarra, Vazquez

  • Salon Mexico artist Series: Mario Acosta

  • Earth and Water Exhibit | Aratti

  • Hijos de Reyes | Kalaka

  • saint paul public schools honors visual art exhibition

  • aspects of colorism



Community Collaborations

  • Park and Lake with ten thousand things

  • Next Step Fund Grant Workshop with mrac

  • Springboard Pop-Up Artist Resource Center

  • Mixtape Choreographers’ Panel Discussion

  • ADYC  Ninijanisag Community Dance Night

  • Aspects of Colorism with Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center

  • Pho vs. Khob Poob Nplooj Radio’s Spring Fundraiser

  • Black, Brown, and Native Bodies in “Performance:” A Conversation

  • Draggin’ on the Eastside: The Art of Drag

  • Cypher Side Open Styles Dance Battles + Fundraiser

  • Bombazo, Kumbe, BombaFit With Karaya Guey

  • Creando en las calles / Creating in the Streets

  • Cypher Side Spring Recital/Show

  • spps Honors Visual Art Exhibition

  • American Indian Family Center

  • Cypher Side 1 Year Anniversary Jam

  • 7 Fires EP Preview Performance

  • Juracan: The Jibaro and his Three Sons Performance

  • Slow Roll St. Paul - East Side With MN Lynx Sylvia Fowles

  • carryon home project at iroots artcrawl

  • Call out to St Paul Youth - Let’s Meet

  • War In Paradise MN Dance Off

  • indigenous peoples day at metropolitan state university

  • Sari Jeans Installation, Ananya Dance Theatre

  • Yoga with Indigenous Lotus, Victoria Marie, Wachinhin Maza Winyan (Iron Plume Woman)

  • Preserving the Power of Resistance through Storytelling and Song, Witness for Peace Midwest

  • Kumbe, BombaFit

  • Mosaic Art, Good Space Murals & Natchez Beaulieu

  • DON’t you feel it too? with Ayeeyo

  • Ayeeyo Mural, Movement, and Storytelling Project

  • Clapback Cabaret Series, FAWK

  • Zoongide’win  Living the 7 Teachings

  • Book Release Party: When Everything Was Everything

  • Tribal Funk: Hip Hop Fundraiser Jam, Street Stops and Mountain Tops

  • Zumba with Youvana

  • Youth Asian Dance Try-Out! yes dance academy

  • Planting SEADS Book Launch & Reception, The SEAD Project

  • neighborhood pop up art with juxtaposition

  • Red Running into Water, New Native Theatre Red


Thank you to our community partners!

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Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli


Cypher Side


Bomba Karaya Guey


Filipinx for Immigrant rights and Racial justice in Minnesota - FIRM


Conferencia Alianza Latinx


Welcome new community partners!


International indigenous youth council - twin cities chapter

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Mama sin verüenza


Grupo Folklorico Esencia Mexicana

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Away Runakuna

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Thank you to our financial supporters!


East Side
Funders Group


A special thank you to all of our individual donors who generously gave their energy, artistry, time, blessings, and financial support.

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